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Digitize India(only Indians)

our aim is to achieve the vision of Digital India, where every Indian is digitally empowered and every information is digitally available. Digitize India Platform offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises and for Digital Contributors, rewards for doing simple data entry jobs.



Nowadays, mTurk sees thousands of different companies come calling to get various jobs done. Although there is a high amount of users on the platform, there are some good paying jobs on offer to supplement your income. If you are serious about making money and have dedicated a certain amount of time to do tasks each day or week, this could be the one for you.





With the internet playing such a huge role nowadays, marketing is a key topic of conversation. Rapid Workers allows you to help people grow their sites via social media actions, tweeting, or maybe even liking or following a page.As soon as you hit $4,you can withdraw money straight to your PayPal account. In any case, you can gain great experience using social media to build a can earn 5$ every hour by just click websites.


When you think of micro-task sites, this is what really comes to mind. All you have to do is scroll through various ads to make your money. Since the tasks are extremely small, the pay reflects this,  but it can be a great way to earn some money whilst doing something else as it doesn’t really require too much attention.




This site has one of the most abundant and unique ways of earning cash. Like the name suggests, you get paid to click things. You get paid to click ads, fill out surveys, watch videos, refer friends, play games and more. The payout isn’t very high, but the tasks are incredibly easy to complete.




Rewarding Ways is Get Paid To program that pays its members to complete tasks and offers,surveys, to click ads, to participate and win in contests. There is referral system in place which allows users to earn commissions from the activity of their down line. Rewarding Ways has been online since 2010 and they are paying without delays or other serious issues. It is owned by 99 Ventures, internet advertising provider which also owns SuperPay, Offer Nation and Click fair.Rewarding Ways is the oldest site from their network however it will remain on the Legit List until all other sites from this network turn 2 years old.



Earning Station is a great way to get paid for something you to do tasks that you already do – watch videos, take surveys,shop, clip coupons and play games online. Each activity  you complete will award you a certain amount of Station Dollars that can be exchanged for gift cards or direct cash payouts. This is the site that’s most similar to Swag bucks, and you can typically earn the most by watching videos and completing surveys.



Do you have a skill or something you’re particularly good at? No matter how small it is, you can get paid $5 for it.For example, make a quick logo and get $5. Translate 300 words and get $5. You can even charge $10 for delivering it within 24 hours. Fiverr is a website where you can sell any task for $5 or more




Inbox Dollars is another site that’s similar to the ever-popular Swag Bucks. Earn cash for completing tasks online such as watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, surfing the web or completing free trial offers. Not only that, but for every friend you refer, you get 10% of all their earnings. In terms of micro task sites, this is definitely one of the more popular ones.




Treasure Trooper is a free service that provides you with several  money-making  opportunities.Complete some offers.We have hundreds of offers ranging in payout from $.50 to $50.00. You are eligible to receive payment once you have reached a minimum balance of $20